There are many ways in which you can support the Royal Academy of Bhangra in its mission to promote and enhance the understanding, practice and benefits of dance.

We bring teachers from across world to educate our generation about performing arts.

Our Charitable Activities

Our charitable activities reach into communities worldwide to advocate for the benefits of dance and provide opportunities for individuals from a range of backgrounds to engage in the joy of dancing.

Corporate Support

By working with us, your organization can be seen to be supporting the highest standards in the teaching of Punjabi performing folk arts and leaving a long-standing legacy in your community.

Individual Support

Individuals who share our passion for excellence in dance make a hugely important contribution to the work of the Academy. When you choose to support the RAD, every donation counts and every donor makes a difference.

Fundraising for the Academy

Be part of our fundraising team, as an RAD member, parent, student, member of staff or member of the general public.

For further information on how to support the RAOB, please call 604.401.6700