CDTA Certification

The Royal Academy of Bhangra is the first Academy in Canada to offer a formal punjabi Folk Dance (Bhangra) education with a syllabus consisting of three grade levels. Our dance director, Hardeep Singh Sahota, was key in the development of this Bhangra syllabus program for all Canadian Dance Teachers BC Branch. It is with our great pleasure to be able to offer this qualified program to students of all ages wishing to receive a fun and quality education in Bhangra.

  • Basic (Age groups 5 to 8 basic)
    • Basic folk dances, introduction to rhythms and simple body movements
  • Intermediate (8 to 12 intermediate)
    • Faster motion and minor acrobatics required
    • Energetic movements incorporating jumps
    • Greater complexity of choreographed movements
  • Advance (12 to 20 advanced)
    • Skill of performance in grace and power of movements
    • Incorporation of rhythmic instruments
    • Expression of folk song lyrics and themes

For more info please visit the Canadian Dance Teachers Association website