About RAOB

A few words about us

Who We Are

Royal Academy of Bhangra is the first not-for-profit academy in Canada to offer a formal Punjabi Folk Dance education with a syllabus consisting of three grade levels. The Academy’s Dance Director, Hardeep Singh Sahota, was key in the development of the bhangra syllabus program for all Canadian Dance Teachers, BC Branch. The Academy successfully uses the art form of bhangra as a creative outlet to promote skill, discipline, and physical fitness, and to provide team building and leadership initiatives for youth. The Academy offers training in Punjabi Folk Dances such as (Male Dances) Bhangra, Jhummar, Dhamal and Malwai Giddha (Giddha, Sammi, Luddi and Kikli.

Our Vision

Our vision is an effort of many like-minded brains who want to make a general awareness among all the communities in North America regarding the promotion of Performing Punjabi Folk Arts. Royal Academy of Bhangra is platform for the merging Artist across North America who want to work toward Punjabi Folk Music and Dances.

What We Do

Our mission is to bring the Academics of Punjabi Folk Music and Punjabi Folk Dances in all the communities. To start physical fitness in all the communities through Punjabi Folk Music and Dances with Academic & technique. To develop the youth with an active and creative mind, a sense of understanding and compassion for others. To act on the beliefs of each child moral, social, emotional and physical. We will continue to innovate and experiment with culture, community & performance – enabling us to evolve our organization, profile & prominence of Performing Punjabi Folk Arts.

Our Supporting Partners

Punjabi University Patiala (India, Punjab) Nachdi Jawani Cultural Association (India, Punjab) Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration (Vancouver, BC) Canadian Dance Teachers Association (BC BRANCH)